Action Property Management offers a full range of management services tailored to meet the needs of all our clients. We currently manage a variety of apartment blocks ranging in size from 2 to 93 units.

Action Property Management understands that every development is different.  The management services are tailored to the size of the development and individual client / leaseholder needs. The services we offer can range from simply assisting owners setting up a management company to facilitate their own self-management of a site, to a fully inclusive management service that includes the employment of permanent staff such as caretakers, concierges and property managers.

Administration of the sites we manage is undertaken at our office in Leeds.  From our office we manage the collection of service charges, deal with legal issues such as the transfer of properties and organise the cleaning and maintenance of our property portfolio.

Action Property Management operates a transparent accounting process. All client funds are held in an individual client accounts.  A copy of our money handling policy can be found here.

Action Property Management retains a comprehensive team of contractors. Wherever possible we try to utilise contractors from the local community. Action Property Management constantly monitors the performance of all contractors to ensure that our clients are receiving value for money high quality services.

Action Property Management is in the process of becoming an affiliated Member of the Association of Residential Managing Agents. Our Directors are currently in the process of becoming members of the Institute of Residential Managing Agents.